Tips To Maintain Expensive Porcelain Showpieces

Showpieces are expensive investments and regular cleaning is required to improve their appearance and value. Porcelain figurines are very delicate and must be handled gently and with utmost care.

Homeowners and collectors of expensive and rare porcelain figurines and other showpieces can hire professional cleaners who provide showpiece services for the cleaning and maintenance of their collectibles.

Here is a step by step tutorial to take care of the rare porcelain showpieces in your home or office

  • The first step in the cleaning process is to brush off the dust on the figurine. Use a soft bristled brush, a feather duster or a chamois to remove the dust deposited on top of the showpiece. Hiring professional showpiece services is a better idea as they have the right equipment and tools to remove the dust from the delicate cervices and creases on the porcelain figurine.
  • Once the surface dust is removed, the next step is to gently hand wash the showpiece. Wash the figurine using warm water. Scrub any stained areas with soft cloth using a gentle soap, where required. Use scrub only on tough stains and avoid scrubbing porcelain figurines if possible, because scrubbing might damage the appearance of these showpieces. Rinse off the soap thoroughly to remove any product residue that will damage the product. Dry the figurine using paper towels. Cover the washing area with paper towels and rubber mats to protect the delicate porcelain figurine in case of unexpected slips and accidents. You can hire showpiece services of professional cleaners to clean your delicate figurines with utmost care.
  • Be very careful while selecting the cleaning products. Use gentle products that are safe for porcelain. Hiring professional showpiece services is advisable as the cleaning staff are well trained and have good knowledge about the suitable products for different materials. If you are cleaning by yourself, read the products instructions and follow them religiously.

Since original porcelain is very expensive and rare, maintaining the figurines with utmost care is very important. Professional showpiece services are an effective way to maintain the appearance and value of these delicate and expensive porcelain figurines. Professional cleaners use the right products that not only enhance the appearance but also improve their life.

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