Tips To Organize An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Finally, the most awaited Christmas season is knocking on the door. It’s time to renovate your home, bring out all the decorations and decorate the Christmas tree. Along with all these traditions, there is one more fun and exciting tradition that adds to the joy of Christmas.

Organizing an ugly Christmas sweater party is one of the most exciting things to do during the holidays. Nothing says Christmas like a well-organized garish Christmas sweater party. Here are some tips to organize a great party.

  • Attire

Of course, it is ugly Christmas sweaters. Inform your guests to come dressed in their ugliest Christmas sweaters. Organize a contest to encourage your guests to come dressed in their worst best.

You can get your sweater from old thrift shops, online auction sites or from websites that specialize in Christmas pajamas and ugly Christmas sweaters. You can also take one of your old sweaters and make it quirky by adding some interesting accessories like candy canes, elves, jingle bells etc. use your creativity to make your sweater ugly.

  • Décor

Choose tacky decorations to make your party even more exciting. You can choose old sweaters as seat covers or hang them here and there throughout the venue. You can also create a table runner and sofa cover using these sweaters. Use pictures of elves, Santa, and other seasonal décor items.

  • Snacks

The food is the center of any party. Plan the food with the theme of the party in mind. Decorate the cake like an ugly Christmas sweater and cut cookies and gingerbread in the shape of a sweater. Order retro and fun food items that are easy to eat. Choose the season’s favorites like Christmas-tree pizzas, cheese balls, fruit cake etc.

  • Activities

Plan activities that allow the guests to mingle and enjoy. An ugly Christmas sweater contest is a must. Inform the guests’ well-in-advance that there will be prizes for the winners to make them excited to attend the party. Add different categories such as the ugliest sweater, best matching sweaters, most creative, most festive etc.

  • Invites

Choose fancy invites that match the theme. If you have a few guests, you can also send handmade invites in the shape of a Christmas sweater. Include all the details about the date, venue, food etc.

Not that you know everything about how to organize the party, go ahead and plan an entertaining ugly Christmas sweater party for your friends and families.


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