Two Important Foundations In Website Design To Ensure Project Completion

Website design, regardless of the purpose of the site, must follow two important foundations. The same core principles are employed by Cloud Cartel and leading web design firms in the country. These two elements are often set aside and overlooked because of the many technical practices that are often given more importance by business owners when it comes to creating a website.

Almost all businesses have their own website nowadays therefore one should focus on web design services that will provide the user experience that customers are looking for and one that will place high value on their customers through providing an effective platform. It does not matter if the business caters to a small number of clients or a large one, as long as these two core elements are applied.

The first guiding principle is to always keep things simple. Many business owners wish to give their customers the wow factor when they first land on the page thus they might request the designer to embed flash animation or other graphics. They failed to recognize that oftentimes these elements are the reasons why the customers leave the page on the first place. They have forgotten that the goal of creating a website for a business is to have an online portal where users can find answers to their questions related to the brand. They did not visit the site just to see flashy designs but they want a well-executed site where they can understand the brand and to be able to have an interaction.

Second guiding principle in website design is to remain consistent. There are many websites that focus on the homepage alone because this is where the customer’s will land first. They tend to neglect other pages. In terms of being consistent, the content and the visual aspect should be the same all throughout the website. If the website is consistent and follows the instinct of the clients, Cloud Cartel believes that it will foster a sense of familiarity and eventually create trust between the brand and the customer. A consistent design also eliminates any confusion when using the website.

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