Two Treatment Programs To Choose From In Rehab Facility In California

The moment you decide to seek intervention from a treatment facility, the next step is to decide whether you are going to take the treatment process inside the Rehab facility in California or if you are going to choose an outpatient program. Both options have its share of pros and cons. To help you arrive at a decision, take a look at the following ideas.

Inpatient treatment approach

One of the advantages of inpatient treatment approach is the patient gets round the clock treatment and monitoring handled and delivered by qualified therapists and medical practitioners. A regular support from the rehab staff is important especially during withdrawal syndrome.Look for a rehabilitation facility that offers holistic support to patients and that includes psychosocial evaluation and treatment, emotional support, spiritual development and more importantly, an effective detoxification plan. Also, when you stay within an exclusive Rehab facility in California, there is a lesser risk of relapse. The treatment and detox process among inpatients can be more intensive yet effective and faster.

However, inpatient treatment programs can be more expensive compared to outpatient especially if the facility offers world-classfacilities, gourmet dishes and luxurious room accommodation. Another setback of inpatient program is that the patient needs to take some time off from work or school.

Outpatient treatment program

With outpatient treatment program, the patient will not be required to take a leave from his job or from school. The fees are lower since the patient won’t use most of the facilities unlike inpatients. Another positive thing about outpatient program is that patients can practice avoidance techniques in real-life setting since they are outside a controlled environment. A patient will not be separated from his loved ones or family during the process and he can get more support from other people.

However, the downside of outpatient program is there is higher risk of relapse and the person can get easily exposed with triggers compared to staying insideRehab facility in California. A person’s commitment to detoxification process should be higher since his adherence to treatment may not be closely monitored outside the facility.

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