UK Storm Season Could Up Home Repair Bills By 50%

Representatives from companies like Simon from Capital Sheffield do what they can to provide for customers, but that tends to come with hefty repair bills. Bills that will see a massive spike when autumn brings it storms in, according to local services marketplace

The site’s analysis on quotes for home maintenance jobs, studying the months of September, October and November of 2016 and 2017, noted a pattern of prices going up massively. According to the site, they are expecting an increase of 50% for repair bills for 2018.

The service with the highest premium for the autumnal season is draught proofing, while other services, like interior painting and kitchen remodeling, are cheaper during the colder months.

According to Bidvine Founder and CEO, SohrabJahanbani, the cost fluctuations have a pattern of seasonality within the home services industry. Draught proofing, in particular, sees demands spiking as the cold weather rolls in by November, with costs going up to match.

For outside areas like decks and fences, the story is similar, with costs also going up alongside demand hence why people do what they can to ensure proper maintenance keep repair costs from the weather down.

Plumbers, predictably, also charge more during the winter months, with an average increase of 23%. Many already expect providers like Simon from Capital Sheffield to charge more during the colder months, and Bidvineestimates that average hourly costs go up to around £80 around this time.

The change in weather, however, is a boon for those looking to improve or renovate their home, with competitive bidding during this time able to lead to savings valued at anywhere from £600 to £1,800 around December.

Additionally, whileBidvine’s data suggests that exterior painting costs approximately 15% more on average, interior painting costs go down by 20% around the same time.

Another home service that also drops in pricing during the cold winter months is roofing, as prices drop thanks to roofers getting less work. Modern developments in roofing and scaffolding allows the work to proceed even in the cold winter days, which is why Bidvine recommends that roofing projects be put on hold until that time.

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