University Of Maryland Improves Its Campus Maps App

Discovering the campus is one of the exciting first-time experiences of an incoming freshman. Inside the typical college packet that a freshmen receives are College Campus map illustrations that are illustrated artistically to make a freshmen excited to discover what the campus offers. The illustrator uses his flair for creativity to create a campus map that will capture an emotional response from the viewer.

In the next few months, the Campus Maps app of University of Maryland will be upgraded to make it more accessible and user-friendly to students, staff and visitors who wish to navigate the campus. People have been using the Campus Maps app from their desktops and smartphones to find directions to buildings.

One of the improvements in the app is the dynamic pedestrian routing feature. According to Taylor Keen, coordinator of Campus Geographic Information Systems, the newest change will allow users to see their current location on the map and get real-time directions to other parts of the campus. The app functions like the navigation feature of Google Maps where location is detected through the phone and then you are routed to the direction where you want to go.

However, Campus Maps only contain campus-oriented information that includes campus bus stops and emergency phones. Additional features include the option to search dorms and academic buildings by using a 3-letter code. Users of the app can also be provided with details on who can park in the parking lot and buildings under construction and renovation.

A steady increase in the number of Campus Maps users were seen in two of the seven semesters that it has been in place. Recently, Keen noticed a spike in the number of visitors because of the recent improvements on the app. Keen considers all feedback from students and visitors and makes the necessary improvements to address their concerns.

There are several benefits when a university has a College Campus map illustrations aside from providing directions. Students prefer more modern, creative and artistic techniques that give them a customary feeling of identification. The illustrated campus maps capture a moment in time which is very interesting from a human’s point of view.

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