Use A Tattoo Cover Up Makeup To Hide Your Tattoos

There will come a time when you need to cover up a tattoo with makeup. These times can be a job interview where you need to hide your tattoo to prove that you’re worth hiring. Sometimes, you need to face your beau’s parents and want to hide those tattoos on your arms. Wearing long sleeves may hide the tattoo but some parts need a tattoo cover up makeup to distract them. Whatever your reason is, you will need to cover up your tattoos for a while. So, here are ways to cover them up:

  • Choose a Tattoo Concealer:

The best tattoo cover up makeup is lightweight, waterproof and matches your skin tone. Once you decide on the colour of your makeup, you will then transform the artwork into a palette of flesh. There are many concealers available in the Internet. You will just need to find what suits your skin, your preference and your budget. Then you’ll realise that the tattoo is temporarily gone.

  • Clean the Area of Your Tattoo:

The first step when you want to apply tattoo cover up makeup is to ensure you have clean skin. This will prevent possible irritation and clogged pores, and to get a smoother finish when the areas are free from dirt.

  • Apply Tattoo Cover Up:

You can cover the tattoo by using a small brush. Ensure you include those areas around the tattoo and blend with your skin tone. Have the first coat dry up and apply the next coat until you get a complete look. Let the tattoo cover up makeup make your tattoo totally disappear.

  • Apply Foundation or Powder on Top:

One thing you’ll notice about tattoo makeups is having a shinier look than the rest of your skin. The best solution is to apply powder and make it look less noticeable. This will lock the colour and make it less likely to rub off on your clothes. There are powdered foundation you can buy from the market to use as your concealer.

So, if you want to hide away your tattoos, always have a tattoo cover up makeup at hand. You may not be regretting your having this tattoo permanently, but you can hide it away few times.

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