Useful Tips When You Lose Your Car Keys

Have you experienced losing your car keys? You looked everywhere but you can’t find it. Your best option is locksmiths in North Lakes to open the car and then have a new key cut. However, getting a new car key is not as easy as you think. You need to provide information like car model, VIN and the type of keys that your car uses.

Modern car keys have more complicated systems that are difficult to replace. The transponder key or chip keyis now the standard key being used by car manufacturers. In order to prevent car theft, the electronic key must perfectly match with the car’s ignition system otherwise, you will not be able to start the car.

The smart key is a proximity-based system that allows you to unlock the car by pushing a button. You can start the car without the need to put a key in the ignition. Examples of car manufacturers using the smart keys are Audi Advance Key, Honda Smart Entry System and Ford Intelligent Access.

Key fobs use radio frequencies to lock and unlock car doors without the need to push a button. Even if it is a keyless ignition system, you can still the use the traditional car key to unlock and start the car because there is still no authentication technology.

The traditional car keys are still the easiest to unlock because they do not use technology. They can easily be replaced by locksmiths or key cutting kiosks. If you are using a smart key, they can only be replaced at the car dealer. There are key fob replacements from online stores but you still need to have them programmed to suit the car. Smart key replacements are quite expensive particularly if you own a luxury car like a BMW or Toyota Prius.

Your lost keys can be replaced by locksmiths in North Lakes depending on the level of tech sophistication. The locksmith is also your lifeline in case you get locked out of the car. They respond immediately whenever you are in need of emergency services for the home or the commercial space.

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