Visitors In South America’s Temple Are Feeling Sense Of Sacred

After the recent inauguration of the Baha’I House of Worship located in Santiago, Chile, many visitors are coming to flock the sacred place. Many of them are claiming that they have once more found their sense of sacred after witnessing the glass and marble wings of the Temple.

Since the Temple’s inauguration last October, it is estimated that more than 40,000 visitors have already come to the place. These visitors are local of Santiago while others came from foreign lands. These visitors have different reasons as to why they wanted to visit the House of Worship. There are those that are eager to see the architecture of the building after it has been awarded an international praise. There are those that are inspired to visit the Temple in order to learn more about the Faith which was surrounding the building. There are some that feels the world has lost its sense of sacredness thus they are hoping to be able to feel it once more upon visiting the Temple.

According to the Chilean Baha’i community’s representative, Jenny Perez, they are expecting that there will be a lot of visitors but they do not expect the staggering number for the first month.

The city and the Temple are now creating a relationship because of the sudden pouring of visitors to the location. The Temple is located at the foothills of the Andes where one will be able to view the mountain range. The visitors are drawn to the place because it offers beautiful scenery while being able to pray and contemplate at the same time. The Temple is open for everyone. The place is a good place to come if you are looking for inspiration and find a higher purpose in your life.

Through innovation such as 360-degree photography, well-known media and online websites have been able to capture the beauty of visiting the Temple. South America Tours have included in their itinerary a visit to the Temple for those who are interested to see and feel the sacredness on their own. Informal spaces are allocated for visitors who are willing to converse with others and learn more about the spiritual side of the now popular House of Worship.

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