Walmart Tests Last Mile Delivery Scheme

It is common for many stores to work with a courier company for the delivery of orders. The company that offers the lowest rate without comprising the quality of its services is always the one chosen to be able to reduce shipping costs. This will help the retailer to compete in the market.

However, Walmart has other plans. The American multinational retail corporation has closed down its pilot and decided to use its own employees to deliver items after their shift. Courier services through employees are now being tested on a smaller scale.

The aim of Walmart is to reduce shipping costs so that it can compete with Amazon and other online courier companies. Employees will be paid extra if they deliver orders to destinations that are along their normal route home. According to Marc Lore, president and CEO of Walmart Commerce US, Walmart stores are usually within 10 miles of most of the US population. Employees usually pass along those routes when they drive to work.

Before the last mile delivery service was launched nationwide, it was tested first in New Jersey and Arkansas. However, even with the extra compensation for labour and fuel expenses, employees were rather reluctant to perform the courier services. They mentioned unresolved concerns regarding insurances and liability in case the item they are delivering gets broken or damaged along the way.

Reuters has reported that Walmart is now testing a more modest service where only 4 employees are tasked to deliver goods from the Walmart store in Woodstock, Georgia. While it is true that Walmart failed with its plans but it is not entirely a lost battle. Walmart is still committed to win the last mile delivery scheme as part of a long term goal of taking over control of its deliveries. This will allow Walmart to create a robust full circle experience for the customer.

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