Walt Disney Responds To Couple’s Claim Regarding Dead Cockroaches 

Homeowners are aware of the health and safety risks associated to cockroach infestations so that their immediate option is to call exterminator pest control services once they spot the pests crawling in their walls and floors. Cockroaches are resilient and they can survive insecticides.

A family that stayed at Walt Disney World hotel rooms made some pretty horrifying claims about disgusting things inside the rooms. Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice, a married couple from the United Kingdom took a trip to the Most Magical Place on Earth with their two adopted sons, Levi and Lucas. When they checked into the hotel room of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, they found dead cockroaches, a used condom on the bed and exposed wiring.

The couple claimed that the room was dirty with dead cockroaches that were quite big. Since their two sons were autistic and non-verbal, they could not sense danger. In an interview with a UK-based news outlet, Michael claimed that aside from the dead cockroaches, the lights were broken and the boys could unknowingly put their hands on the exposed wiring.

Michael and his family spent a huge amount of money to book the resort thinking that it would be magical and special. It was bad way to start a holiday when you find that your room is not fit for a dog. The family requested a transfer to another room which the resort staff immediately obliged. However, they discovered that other room was equally dirty with live centipedes crawling around.

The visitors from UK involved the Walt Disney management and their moderate room was upgraded to a deluxe resort at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Meanwhile, Walt Disney argued that it was not the first time that the family complained about a room. They have received compensation over the last 5 years but they continue to return.

The presence of cockroaches can destroy the reputation of any hospitality establishment. Do not wait for guests to complain about cockroaches, call the exterminator pest control services so that can inspect the rooms regularly. If they discover pests, an appropriate action plan will be made to control any infestation. Pro-active measures are better and less expensive than preventive actions.



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