Warning: You Might Be Streaming Live

Every year, home security systems have become more affordable and have increasingly become connected to the web. Today, you can easily set up your own security cameras and watch the images as it is being fed directly to your smart phone or through a dedicated website. Having your own security cameras can add a sense of security on your part as you know what is going on in your house.

However, if you fail to alter the default set up password in the security systems, you could be broadcasting what is happening in your house to the world.

Online security

One web developer created a website that could accommodate tens of thousands of corporate and home security cameras. The expert who developed the website specialized in online security. The system is designed to point out the flaw in the security that so many security devices have presented to the device holders.

The developer posted on the website stating that the website is primarily created in order to show how vital security settings are. In order to remove your camera from the website and privatize it, all you need to do is to change the password of your camera.

If you visit the website, there are thousands of broadcasts that are streamed from the around the globe. This just means that there are plenty of ignorant people who did not even care to change the password in their security cameras.

What’s really happening?

Essentially, this is what happens: People purchase security systems for their homes with the hopes of providing security to their abode and to get peace of mind. However, when the buyers set up the security system, they fail to alter the password from its default setting and instead just plug it immediately into the internet. Meanwhile, the manufacturer or the store that sold the security system has not also made a password change on their end which is a required process for them. As a result, there are tens of thousands of cameras that are connected to the internet with the owners not knowing that they are streaming live in the internet.

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