What Do When You Are Wrongfully Accused Of Shoplifting

It can be frustrating and humiliating to be accused of shoplifting. A shopping experience turned out to be a nightmare for a journalist when he was wrongfully accused of shoplifting. The store claimed that they have a video that will support their accusation and made it clear to the journalist that he won’t be allowed to leave the store.

The journalist walked inside a Somerfield store carrying two newspapers that he purchased from a newsagent nearby the store. As the journalist was paying for his purchases, he was accosted by two of the store’s uniformed employees and accused him that he stole the newspapers. After viewing the video that was claimed to be the evidence, it was found out that the person in the video was not the journalist.

Instead of releasing the journalist, the store staff continued to detain the journalist. He was only released after police officers came to the scene to investigate the claim and ascertain that the newspaper was actually purchased from a newsagent.

The journalist wrote an article about the incident in a national newspaper but the Somerfield store did not issue an apology or offer compensation for humiliating the person. Instead, the store said that being involved in such an incident is a price that people must accept to support the fight against shoplifting.

However, the law has a different view of the incident. While it was right for the Somerfield store to make a citizen’s arrest it is not a reasonable and legal excuse to wrongfully arrest and imprison a person. Anyone who has been falsely accused of shoplifting must make it clear that he is not willing to go anywhere with the store staff unless there is a formal arrest. In this situation, the journalist has no obligation to prove his innocence. He is not obliged to allow the store staff to inspect his bag or produce a receipt for his purchase.

The journalist has the option of seeking the services of MyDefence.ca if he wants to take the matter further. A suspect must always remain silent about the situation to protect his rights. A criminal lawyer is one call away to assist the person and ensure that he is treated fairly and will be judged according to reliable evidence.

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