What It Takes With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

People often ask the difference between aromatic oils, aromatherapy oils, essential oils and pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils used for many purposes. No wonder people want to know more about these as they are featured in TV commercials and beauty magazines. Many retail and online shops offer essential oils and aromatherapy products, but not many companies tell that their product is created from pure organic therapeutic grade oils.

As always, simple aromatic oils are made from artificial substances and synthetic fragrances, which were chemically achieved. All these types of oils make pleasant remedies for a number of hours, however, they may add damage to the respiratory health and trigger allergic reactions, which can be harmful to the body. This is also true for all aromatic products out there like candles, perfumes, incense sticks, commercial air-fresheners, and more. Unless their label states that they contain only pure therapeutic grade essential oils, this is best for the body.

Unfortunately, even aromatherapy oils and essential oils can sometimes be diluted. It is done to minimize the cost of the product and increase profit for their innovators. So beware if someone want to sell a bottle of Melissa, Chamomile, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood and Rose oils at a very low price. Pure aromatherapy oils, especially those mentioned, do not come cheap to buy.

Pure organic therapeutic grade essential oils are made from organic herbal plants and distilled in hot water steam or CO2 and nothing else. So be careful when choosing common products unlikely extracted from a plant, tree or herb. You can put this back on the shelf and walk away as it is a chemical substance.

Three things you need to remember when buying organic essential oils: it comes in dark glass bottle like blue, brown or green; the bottle must have a Latin name of the plant this particular oil was extracted from; and, the country of origin where the plant was harvested.

When choosing therapeutic grade essential oils, you need to ensure that it comes from companies deeply involved with aromatherapy. They can offer you certification and hopefully a qualified and certified aroma therapist to help you select the right essential oils for a specific health problem.

At Lotus House, they can offer you a personal aroma consultation and make custom blends after thorough evaluation of their clients’ needs.

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