What Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony Have To Say About Mental Health

Anyone can lose his or her mental health due to unavoidable situations. Note that only a small amount of the population stays mentally healthy from aged 11 till 38. Anyone can also experience mental illness at some point in time. It’s when you need a professional advice from Patrick Mahony who works as a psychoanalyst in Canada and the UK.

As what many psychologists say, an episode of mental disorder is similar to those health conditions of bronchitis, influenza, kidney stones, broken bones and other typical conditions. Just like these illnesses, you need a medical professional to diagnose and seek medical care to recover. Mental illness can be easily cured if discovered earlier. With an expert advice from Patrick Mahony, you can restore your mental health and get back to reality.

A study looked at a thousand people living in New Zealand. About one in six people or about 171 of them experienced no depression, anxiety disorders or other mental illnesses from late childhood to middle age. Half of the remaining figures showed mental disorder that lasted for a brief time. They experienced substance abuse, anxiety or depression, but the person fully recovered. The remaining half, or two in every five, experienced mental disorder that lasted for many years. They were diagnosed with severe conditions and suffered bipolar or psychotic disorders.

The researchers examined information from people born between April 1972 and March 1973 in Dunedin, New Zealand. The overall health and behaviour of every person were evaluated thirteen times from birth to age 38. Mental health was evaluated eight times from aged 11 and onwards.

Earlier studies showed many attributes of having lower possibilities of developing mental disorders. It included growing up with unusually affluent families and how they enjoyed good physical health. They also scored really high on intelligence exams linking it to good mental health. Surprisingly, New Zealanders who remained mentally healthy scored no better than those qualities anyone can really have.

Adulthood has provided some benefits which led to having good mental health. These people experienced better education, jobs and high-quality relationships. They were also reported to have more satisfaction in their lives than others did. However, lasting mental health won’t provide an excellent sense of well-being. For those who had mental health, they scored lower than average for life satisfaction. To know more about this information, ask Patrick Mahony, a psychoanalyst working for good mental health.


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