When Animals Get Stuck In Storm Drains

In Brooklyn, a furry white cat got stuck in a storm drain. The desperate meows were heard by a neighbor who called 911. Four members of New York’s finest arrived on the scene with a crow bar to move the grate out of the way so that the cat can be rescued. The cat was identified as stray and needs to be adopted to avoid euthinization at the city shelter.

In Jacksonville, Florida a manatee was stuck in the storm drain and has to be rescued. A street crew worker saw the manatee in the drainage pipe. Rescuing the manatee was rather difficult considering that it weighed 9,000 pounds with a 9-foot length. The drainage pipe was only 36 inches wide. Rescuing a cat is relatively easy because it usually weighs a few pounds.

The crew worker immediately contacted Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation that called firefighters to the scene. A team of technical rescue workers and a veterinarian from the Jacksonville Zoo arrived to rescue the manatee that was showing signs of giving up. The rescue team knew that time was running out and they have to act fast to save the animal.

The team dug a trench and cut the drain pipes away so that they can reach the manatee. Allan Mallard of Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department was lowered down into the pipe to help the manatee out. News of the manatee’s predicament soon spread out and onlookers started to gather. The dramatic rescue was also viewed live through social media.

It seemed that the manatee worked to set itself free because of the scrapes and abrasions on the nose, sides and back. The manatee was brought to the Orlando’s SeaWorld for observation and to get a full workout before he will be released back to the wilds.

Don’t worry because a manatee will not get stuck on your drain pipes; however, you can experience blockages if you are not responsible with your trash. In the event that the drain pipes become clogged, drain cleaning is provided by experienced drain services. The drain issue will be addressed immediately so that a recurrence can be prevented in the future.


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