When Can A Crop Top Be Considered As An Inappropriate Item Of Clothing?

Who wouldn’t wear a short cropped top during summer every chance they could? Most women used to admire the crop tops being worn by models, movie stars and celebrities and now that crop tops are the summer craze, why not wear them, too? Over the last couple years, crop tops and shorts have become a standard summer wear.

Meanwhile, there are still people who consider the cropped top as inappropriate attire for a flight. Emily O’Connor boarded a Birmingham to Tenerife flight when cabin crew Thomas Cook asked her to cover the cropped top she was wearing otherwise she will be removed from the plane.

O’Connor tweeted about the incident and got about 10,000 retweets. O’Connor said that she was very shaken and upset particularly since the airline decided to announce the whole incident over the plane’s loudspeaker. It is apparent that the airline saw the situation as an opportunity to shame a female passenger over the choice of an outfit.

O’Connor stood up and asked the other passengers whether they cared about what she was wearing but nobody did. O’Connor described her top as among Zara’s summer range. She eventually borrowed a jacket to cover the cropped top because Thomas Cook claimed that is was inappropriate and causing offense.

O’Connor pointed out that there were male passengers who were wearing vest tops. The airline claimed that their clothing policies apply to all passengers and yet they did not apprehend the fathers who were wearing flip-flops. Society is seems has remained patriarchal and allows men to walk on the streets shirtless during summer.

In the past, air travel was considered glamorous and prompted passengers to dress up. Today, modern flying is about comfort and the crop top is a normal item of clothing. Thomas Cook has apologized to O’Connor but he should have handled the situation a little bit better.

Wearing short cropped top is a fashion choice. Crop tops can be worn to achieve an elegant look by pairing it off with a high-waisted skirt. Many women look cool and sexy in a cropped top but it is certainly not appropriate for the office and black tie functions that require more conservative attires.


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