Why It’s Hard To Find A VHS To DVD Service Locally

If you’re planning to convert your old home movie VHS tapes to DVD, you’ll realise that it isn’t easy to find a local service catering to VHS to DVD services. There may be people that you know who owns VHS tapes and want it converted into DVDs. However, there isn’t enough stores offering such service, and if they do, they can charge more. To understand why local store find it difficult to invest in this type of service, these reasons will explain to you some of the business owners’ thoughts:

  • This business is not a hot concept: Not many entrepreneurs are willing to invest in a VHS to DVD business, especially that modern technology has come up with modern alternatives. You don’t need to find other places or professionals to do your own recording or videos. Today, people are now provided with smartphones and other portable media players to record their joyous and momentous occasions.


  • The tape transfer equipment is hard to find:You will need the right equipment to make the transfer of your videos to DVDs appropriately. Typically, the equipment used for the transfer is somehow out of stock, not in stock or no longer available. In other words, many of these deviceshave gone obsolete. Should you find one, it’s not worth spending for the money. So, how do you expect to run a business without the necessary appliance.


  • Competition from other retailers: Aside from finding a suitable device for the transfer of VHS tapes to DVDs, you also find several video transfer labs competing with your business. They charge lower and some even outsource the job to countries like Mexico, Pakistan and India. If you were a US technician, it can be really hard to compete with these people.

Unfortunately, not many feel comfortable sending their own video tapes so far, far away. They prefer conversion services that are nearby, so they can easily get the tapes back after being converted or transferred. Also, there’s a possibility that the copy can be damaged during the transport. Now, this will not serve purpose of converting from VHS to DVD and you’ll prefer to keep it hidden.

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