Why The Sunshine Coast Strictly Enforces Pool Fencing

Glazing Vision specializes in providing pool owners a quality pool fence that will not be a distraction to the beauty of the environment. Many states require the installation of pool fencing to ensure that no child will meet an accident when then there is no adult supervision. However, with glass pool fencing, pool owners do not only address safety issues because the high quality fence also improves aesthetics.

In the Sunshine Coast, pool owners only have a few months before the deadline for registration of their pools and spas and comply with the requirements on pool safety standards. According to Regional Planning Portfolio councilor Christian Dickson the required pool safety standard applies to homes with new or existing pools including short-term and long-term accommodation premises.

The deadline for registration is November 30 and all swimming pools in Queensland must be duly registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). Registration for pool owners is free. If the pool owners are not sure whether the pool has been registered previously, they can search online for the record so that they can update the details. After the pool has been registered, the owner can check the pool safety guidelines on the QBCC website to check whether they comply with the requirements on pool and spa barriers.

A swimming pool can be fun particularly when the weather is stiflingly hot; however, drowning is the leading cause of death for children under 5 years old. There must always be adult supervision when children are in the pool even if they have been taught how to swim properly. In order for pool owners to have the peace of mind that nothing tragic will occur in their pools, they should prevent free access to the pool area through pool fencing.

Pool safety standard in Queensland covers the height and strength of the barrier, mandatory non-climbable zones, gates and latching requirements and preventing direct access from a building to the pool area. Sunshine Coast Council has pool safety inspectors who can provide advice on pool safety, inspect pools and provide pool safety certificates. Complaints can also be forwarded to the council regarding safety breaches so that they can take action.

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