Why There Might Be Delay In Thailand’s Election

The tentative voting for Thailand’s election was supposed to be held on February next year but according to the deputy prime minister, there might be delay causing the general election to be held on May 5 instead. This information was discussed inside ห้องประชุม by the governing body. It was May of 2014 when a coup happened and Thailand’s military has been running the country since then. The coup was staged in order to take the leadership from Yingluck Shinawatra, then prime minister, who is following a civilian form of government.

Ever since the coup, the military government has expressed its plan for a general election but it postponed a number of times until the most recent announcement where it is going to be held in February of 2019. This new information was corrected by WissanuKrea-ngam, the deputy prime minister, saying that they have to follow legislative steps as well as constitutional stipulations for the election time frame therefore it could happen between February 24 and May 5 of next year.

Mr. Wissanu added that the ban concerning political activities will be lifted from September until December in order for the parties to perform all their administrative tasks before the election comes to a close. The ban regarding gatherings of group of five people and more along with political campaigns will still be in place during that time.

He added that they will be able to organize party meetings but they should do it without permission. This way they will be able to conduct meetings to talk about the party regulations, the party candidates, search for party members and talk about the division of the election commission’s constituencies.

Officials of the military government together with representatives coming from 73 different political parties came to a ห้องประชุมin order to talk about these matters and they expressed their gratitude regarding the ban being eased off political activities. During the past few months, it has been noted that a number of small protests regarding the elections have been organized even though the ban is still in place.

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