Why Women Must Not Be Scared Of Facial Peels

Not only do facial peels in Bondi create a brighter, smoother and more refined complexion; they can improve the overall look and feel of the skin. It smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and reduces discoloration due to sun damage.

Many women were turned off by facial peels when they saw the image of a raw-faced, lobster red pos-acid peel of Samantha in Sex and the City. In reality, sensitivity and redness are natural reactions after the facial peel.

If used correctly, the acids used in facial peels are brilliant skincare tools. Any product that has pH balance of less than 7 is classified as an acid. The skin which has a normal pH of 5.5 is considered acidic. Professional peels have higher levels of acid that can penetrate the skin.

The acids used in facial peels can be uncomfortable when applied. For one or two minutes, you can experience a tingly, hot and tight sensation before the application of neutralizer. The skin will look reddish for a few hours after the acid peel. Some peeling of the skin can be expected days after the session. Afterwards, a smoother and brighter skin will emerge.

Facial peels can remove old, dead skin, age spots and acne scars to bring back the luminosity of the skin that has dulled due to age. An option if you do not want the professional on-salon facial peel is at-home acid peels.

There are DIY solutions that will make you look 10 years younger. There are products that can be applied to the face to exfoliate and lift off the first layer of the surface grime and dull cells to reveal the healthier and more radiant skin underneath. Some products have been around for quite a while but with technological advances and enhanced formulations, the new generation of facial peels is getting better.

Advanced exfoliation treatment is offered by facial peels in Bondi for excellent age management. There are facial peels that use acids and pumpkin pulp or acid and mango pulp to deliver a younger-looking skin. A powerful anti-ageing treatment is formulated from peptides and alpha hydroxyl acids to even skin tone and help lighten pigmentation.

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