Will American Universities Experience A Drop In Enrolment After The Travel Bans?

Harvard University is one of the US schools that have been alarmed by the two executive orders banning citizens from countries that are primarily populated by Muslims from entering the United States. According to Harvard’s President Drew Faust during an interview with Strait Times, the travel bans were devastating for the university including international students and scholars.

The worry is not focused on the specific countries involved in the ban but the broader message that the ban sends which is the feeling of being unwelcome to individuals. Universities are dependent on talent and talent comes in many forms from different places.

A day after the executive order was issued, Harvard issued amicus curiae or friend-of-the-court brief, a legal document that advises and supports a court in New York concerning the travel ban. While Harvard still has to experience a drop in the enrolment of international students, other universities are beginning to see signs.

According to Professor Faust, this is the season for acceptance to universities but there is evidence in some US universities of the diminution of interest coming in to the US. Time magazine website reported on March 15 that the University of Washington that ranks 10th in the highest number of foreign students in the US has experienced a drop. Private University Adelphi in Long Island is also worried about a possible drop in enrolment.

However, US universities will only know for sure whether enrolment will drop after the executive orders when the first international students arrive in August. Foreign students have contributed US$36 billion to the economy out of which US$500 million came from students from 6 Muslim countries.

Professor Faust tells students that they are all welcome to Harvard because they are important to the community. The Harvard community is supportive to people from all over the world even those with different experiences.

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