Wrap Your Car And Earn From Flare

Flare is a startup company based in Japan which recently partnered with Thailand’s Toyota Tsusho as well as a branch in Bangkok. It is trying to launch a new mobile app which will give the drivers the chance to wrap their cars with advertisements in exchange for earning. The opportunity will depend on how often they drive and the location where they are driving. This technique is not new as some car wraps in Brisbane for aesthetics reason alone while others want to earn from it.

According to Flare Thailand’s founder, Kazuki Kamiya, they developed the product after seeing that most of the drivers in Bangkok are always stuck in the middle of traffic. Brand advertisers are looking for a way to calculate how many people will be able to see their ads.

The payment for drivers who are willing to have their vehicle undergo wrap advertising is averaging between 2,000 and 4,000 baht every month. The variation is dependent on the ad’s size, the duration of the route the driver is always taking and the length of the route. To begin with, car owners must register and then download the required Flare app.

Flare is ideally looking for drivers that drive long distances rather than short distances because the former spends more time on the road thereby resulting in more viewers of the ad. Flare will also shoulder the costs of the painting and the wrap of the vehicle.

Mr. Kamiya said that this is the only company that offers drivers in Thailand mobile advertising through car wrapping in a full scale. This specifically targets vehicles owned by private citizens and will be monitored through real-time via Google Maps and GPS.

Brands will be the one to choose the vehicles they wanted their ads on and the choice may be affected with the driving routes it always takes. Brands will be able to monitor in real time the ads and check for the number of impressions through the dashboard found on Flare where views and location can be seen.

Other motorists prefer to have car wraps in Brisbane to protect the paint colour of their vehicle but earning through this method is not bad especially those who wanted to earn on the side.

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